“Anna” by De Nyse Turner. Oil on Panel, courtesy of The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Photograph by Aaron Levin

About Us

The Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine carries out the three-fold mission of research, teaching, and service through its expertise in veterinary medicine, pathology, and animal models of disease. Training of veterinary scientists in comparative medicine and comparative pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine began in the 1960s and continues today.

Current faculty research areas include animal models of HIV/AIDS, cancer, degenerative CNS diseases, cardiovascular disease, developmental biology, hematology/immunology, and rickettsial, parasitic, and infectious diseases. Faculty, residents, and post-doctoral fellows share their expertise in veterinary pathology and animal models with other investigators in other departments and work to insure the health and welfare of laboratory animals at Johns Hopkins.

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