Visiting Scientists, Scholars, and Fellows

MCP Faculty and labs sometimes have time and space to host sponsored (supported) visiting scientists or fellows, who are established faculty scientists, with relevant research interests and expertise, usually for a period of 6-12 months.

Please contact Dr. Cory Brayton with the following:

  • Letter Of Introduction, including specific aims and time frame, specific research interests in a particular MCP lab or faculty member (see below).
  • Curriculum vitae or biosketch, including country of residence and American visa status.
  • Source of funding support.


Faculty Member

Cory Brayton, Associate Professor, DMV Dip. ACLaM Dip. ACVP
Genetically-engineered mice, pathology, phenotyping, cancer, aging, infectious disease

Kathleen Gabrielson, Associate Professor, DVM PhD Dip. ACVP
Toxicology, pathology, cancer, cardiovascular disease

Joseph Mankowski, Professor, DVM PhD Dip. ACVP
Retrovirology, HIV/SIV, neuropathology