Histology Price List

Routine Histopathology Services

MCP offers routine histology services for formalin-fixed, or paraffin embedded specimens. To schedule and request services, please contact Pat Wilcox directly.

Embedding, Sectioning, and Staining

Procedure or Material
Additional H&E sildes (recuts) Pat Wilcox $1.20 Block
Cover Slipping (plastic tape) Pat Wilcox $1.00 for 1-10 Slides
Cover Slipping (Glass) Pat Wilcox $1.00 Slide
Decalcify (Formic acid or sodium citrate method) Pat Wilcox $3.75/wk or piece Boney Tissue
Decalcify (other method) Pat Wilcox varies Boney Tissue
Deparaffinize (from unstained slide) Pat Wilcox $0.70 Unstained Slide
Process Fixed Tissue (paraffin block only) Pat Wilcox $3.00 Tissue in Cassette
Process Fixed Tissue + Section (paraffin block + 1 H&E section) Pat Wilcox $5.70 Tissue in cassette
Recut H&E slides Pat Wilcox $1.20 Block
Serial Sectioning Pat Wilcox $5.70 Block
Slide Box (5 slide plastic mailer) Pat Wilcox $1.50  
Slide Box (100 slides) Pat Wilcox $30.00  
Slide Flat (20 slide cardboard flat) Pat Wilcox $5.00  
Special Processing (re - embedding etc) Pat Wilcox From $3.00 Block
Special Stains (see below) Pat Wilcox varies (see below) Block or Unstained Slide
Step Sectioning (cutting fee) Pat Wilcox from $4.00 for up to 5 per block Block
Trimming Tissue (into cassettes) Pat Wilcox $2.00/cassette Tissue in formalin
Unstained Sections (from previously embedded blocks; for IHC etc) Pat Wilcox $0.60 Block
Unstained Section on Charged Slide
(on Fisher Plus Slides "Chem mate", Selane, poly-L-lysine coated for IHC)
Pat Wilcox +$0.60 + $0.75 Block


Special stains & prices
Special Stains  
Acid Fast Fite Farraco $2.50
Acid Fast Ziehl-Neelsen $2.50
Alcian Blue $2.50
Alizarin Red $2.00
Azure Eosin $2.50
Congo Red $2.50
Feulgen reaction $3.00
Fontana Masson $3.00
GMS Gomori Methenamine Silver (fungus) $2.50
Gram $2.00
Gremiliu Silver $3.00
Halls Bilirubin $2.00
LFB Luxol Fast Blue $3.00
LFB/pas $3.00
Melanin Bleach $3.00
Mucicarmine $3.00
Nissl $2.00
PAS Periodic Acid Schiff $2.00
PAS/Alcian Blue $3.00
PAS/digestion $2.50
PaMS PAS Methenamine Silver $3.00
Pentachrome $4.00
Perls Prussian Blue (iron) $2.00
Picrosirius Red $3.00
PTAH PhosphoTungstic Acid Hematoxylin $2.00
Reticulin $3.00
Rubeanic Acid Copper $3.00
Sevier Munger $3.00
Steiner Modified (Silver) $3.00
Toluidine Blue $2.00
Trichrome Masson's $2.50
Vogts cresyl echt violet $2.00
Von-Kossa calcium $3.00
VVG Verhoeff van Gieson $2.50